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Blackwall Hire specialises in the hire and installation of display boards, temporary walls and partitions for exhibitions and conferences – anywhere that needs more walls.

Our unique Blackwall Panel System is designed for super-fast installation and will adapt to the individual demands of each client, event and venue.

Take a closer look at the Blackwall panel system


Black walls…

Black is our main colour by design. Experience working in exhibitions and events has taught us that black has strength and versatility. Black gives the sharpest definition to anything in front of it, providing a classic, timeless context that won’t interfere with any other design aim. Black also acts as a vivid medium for art or product display. In fact, our aim is for our panels to disappear into the background where displays, art, flowers, lighting, food and drink and table settings should be the main focus.

Blackwall close up of product
Black is our main colour by design.


Dividing a larger space…

You can divide a space into back of house and front of house areas. You can hide something ugly or protect something valuable by screening it off. You can create spaces for a specific use – cloakrooms, changing rooms, kitchens. Blackwall, with its simple, classic, functional design is now the ‘go to’ divider for the demanding catering and events industry in London. In our experience, an event organiser needs a divider that looks smart, goes up and down quickly and is sensitive to the fabric of the most delicate venues.

Blackwall can divide front and back of house at an event
Blackwall is now the ‘go to’ divider for the events industry in London.


Display your vision…

The Blackwall panel system is a stylish vehicle for product and art display. It’s ideal for a trade show, conference, poster stand or art exhibition. Against a black backdrop, colour and detail are amplified. You can put up your display by using hook Velcro, pins or staples. For large or framed pictures you can use our bespoke picture hanging system. We also supply display lighting.

Blackwall is an effective backdrop to an exhibition
Against a black backdrop, colour and detail are amplified.

What our clients say

Alexandra Palace

What a find from Google! Consider yourself added to the contacts list.

Events Manager

Wise Productions (UK)

You guys are awesome!

Creative Director

BFI Events-Benugo

Having worked with Blackwall Hire for a long time they are second to none for the job they do. All of our high-end clients comment on the quality of the screens as well as the innovative ways they are used. They are essential to our business and are more important a great team.

Events Manager

Alison Price Ltd

The simplicity and effectiveness of Blackwall is second to none. They are in the forefront of my mind whenever I need a quick screening solution. Ross operates an efficient and seamless team every time, I never need worry that it won’t happen.

Director of Events

Vue Entertainment

Great service and professional results to suit all budgets every time. An essential asset to our event productions. Would highly recommend!

Events Manager

Find out about some past projects


Blackwall at exhibitions
Create a stylish backdrop for your art show or product display. Blackwall’s easy installation and classic look will make your exhibition seamless and elegant.

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Blackwall at an event
Classic, discreet black or white screens will add style to your reception, dinner or product launch. Blackwall Hire, the leading supplier of screening to the London events industry, can install them – fast.

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Blackwall at conferences
Adapt your venue and set up spaces to suit your needs. Theatre-style conference or private meeting booths – Blackwall will create your ideal set up.

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More Uses

Many uses of Blackwall
You can divide and create spaces for a myriad uses – wherever your venue – whatever your event. However you imagine your space, Blackwall will bring it to life.

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