• Blackwall panel at an event


The design and construction of the Blackwall system make it the perfect screening product for the demands of the London events industry.

Speed of assembly

Where set up and de-rig times can be measured in minutes, Blackwall, with its unique joining method is possibly the fastest solid panel system in the world.


Blackwall’s look is clean and classic to compliment both modern and period venues. The simple, black panels create a defining background that will not interfere with the design aims of your event.

Low impact Installation

Our aim is to barely be noticed. Our loading trolleys with rubber wheels get the panels into the venue quickly and quietly without adding to bottle-necks at lifts and doorways. The panels are extremely light and all surfaces are covered in soft fabric so they pose no threat to delicate venue floors.
Blackwall is assembled in an upright position using minimal space and labour so that large sections of floor aren’t taken out of action and we add little to the crowds of crew on a busy setup.


Our system is based around our standard 2m high by 1m wide panels, but we have a range of smaller panels that allow us to work to virtually any wall length. This combined with our range of corner and junction joiners and the experience of our installation team mean we can invariably find a layout that fits the requirements of every client, venue and event. It also means we create and vary designs on the hop.

Case history – British Museum