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  • white wall in a baffle format

Other Products

Don’t want black? We can supply our panel system in white.

White Wall

You can achieve a clean, minimalist look with our crisp, white leatherette screening system. White is ideal for cool, modern event spaces, corporate events and weddings.

We also offer a bespoke service if you require other colours.

white wall leatherette detail

Lighting and picture hanging system can also be supplied for further customisation to our black panels.


Maximize the impact of your display with our stylish chrome arm lights. Designed to fit the Blackwall system, one light per panel gives good coverage for artwork or poster display.

  • Low voltage
  • Fully adjustable
  • Installed quickly

Picture Hanging System

Our matt black picture hangers are based on a ‘rod and hook’ system used in many galleries. The rods hang vertically over the panel with adjustable, spring loaded picture hooks attached.

This allows for level and speedy hanging and for several pictures to be hung one above another on the panels.

Displays can also be mounted using hook Velcro®, pins and staples.

N.B. No Screws, nails and adhesive including Blutac® may be used.

Please contact us for our hire rates

Blackwall panel light detail

detail of Blackwall lighting system

Blackwall panel pin detail

detail of Blackwall picture hanger

detail of Blackwall picture hanger

detail of picture loop and white wall